It all started with a master craftsman named Pierino. He learned all of the arts and everything he knew while working as an apprentice in a small foundry at the age of sixteen. In 1959 he purchased some ruins on the outskirts of his recently flooded hometown in Trentino and opened his own workshop there.

Today Pierino, his children, grandchildren and the entire SENSALIA team carry on artisanal production, just as before, in the same workshop as always, a place where it seems that time has stopped.

During the push for progressive uniformity in the ‘80s, Pierino remained firmly anchored to his artisanal philosophy and to his bond with the region. In those years they mostly produced custom-made objects, flower boxes, pudding molds and decorations for the house in a very traditional style. During the day Pierino worked at a fast pace; at night school he learned the secrets of design, of plastic arts and of making prototypes. It was in those years that the boy became a master craftsman, and his hands began to shape objects of incredible beauty.
In 1978 it was a great satisfaction for him to pass on his art to his children, who began to work at his side in the workshop. The company now has dozens of employees with a great passion for product excellence: that means unequivocal respect for those things that are Handmade in Italy, those things that evolve through the quest for innovation and design.

Everything in the workshop is as it was at once was. These days, however, tradition is blended with the use and testing of new materials and new solutions. Thanks to Pierino’s experience, to his mastery, to the expert hands of his children, to their capacity for innovation and to the work of all members of the SENSALIA team, the company today is proud to bring the authentic essence of Handmade in Italy by Italians to the entire world.