SENSALIA creates table accessories for the home, for restaurants and for the international hospitality sector.
In addition to being designed for a specific function, each piece is an exceptional accessory and will change the light and the look of any room.
Our tableware products are perfect as décor for hotels, bars, dining, catering or for the most exclusive clubs around the world.
SENSALIA creates objects for the table that have high-level professional features and that are attractive and impressive, designed for those looking to showcase their cooking, the ambiance and the splendor of extreme luxury, found in the copper and gold collections.
The common thread in our collection, which also holds true for table accessories, is the functionality of copper in combination with silver and gold.
The bread warmer keeps your bread hot and fragrant; the serving dishes, with soapstone or a tray, allow for presentation of your food at the table in a grand style, all the while keeping it at a constant optimum temperature.
Our small-diameter pans and saucepans, which have become objects of desire, are used to prepare appetizers, desserts and small creations to carry directly from the kitchen to the table.
Our dessert stand in the shape of a tree is extremely charming and used for mignons, fine pastries, chocolates and biscuits.
All SENSALIA products may be personalized, in order to have your own unique piece.