SENSALIA pots and pans are the best cooking tools available today.

After gold and silver, copper is the metal with the highest thermal conductivity, a fundamental property when cooking food. The accumulated heat is distributed evenly and homogeneously over the entire surface of the pot, allowing for gradual cooking of the food, enhancement of its flavor and aroma, and the maintenance of its nutritional value.

Our pots are made entirely by hand. Their thickness of 2.5 mm is substantial, and affords maximum functional performance. Fire tinplating (up to 100% pure tin) guarantees health and hygiene during cooking. Hand hammering makes the pots stylish and unique, in addition to significantly increasing their robustness. The finishing touches are made in accordance with artisanal standards and become exquisite aesthetic details.

Years of research and experimentation stand behind a line of cookware with incredible performance and properties, which unite the characteristics of copper together with those of gold and silver – for performance and beauty, unique, for an exclusive luxury in your kitchen and on your table.