The world’s best chefs use copper pots and pans to prepare their culinary masterpieces. Copper conducts heat extremely evenly and, as a result, it cooks food in the best possible way. This thermal diffusion ensures a uniform cooking process that does not “assault” food, preserving its nutritional and sensory properties. Any given dish cooked in a copper pot will take on different aromas and flavors than the same dish will if cooked in a non-copper pot. The aroma of the food is enhanced and its nutritional value is better preserved.

SENSALIA pots and pans have a thickness of 2.5 mm, which allows for maximum performance. They are hammered by hand, making them unsurpassed in both functionality and aesthetics.

SENSALIA cookware is designed to be displayed, to be brought to the table. In and of itself, it forms part of the décor.

Our cookware is used in the best kitchens and is displayed in restaurants and hotels of the highest level: there, whenever guests watch a chef working with these valuable tools, they become objects of desire.